Green Engineering


ANTEX is structured to provide design and development services for initiatives in the following areas green powerincluding the related electrical connection and transmission infrastructure.

The maturity acquired in the sector, allows us to provide with professionalism and competence all the services necessary for the development of a green power project:

  • Site Visit and Feasibility study;
  • Topographical and aerophotogrammetric surveys;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment or Subjection Assessment Studies;
  • Specialist studies (birdlife, geology, noise assessment, landscape analysis, etc.).
  • Requests for connection and design of RTN works;
  • Multidisciplinary, definitive and executive design of plants and various works;
  • Subservience of funds and expropriation procedures for public benefit;
  • Construction & Commissioning assistance;
  • Due Diligence for the evaluation of projects and installations.

Oil & Gas

Public Works

Private Works



ANTEX Group S.r.l. bases its activities, as an essential element of its existence as an organised economic unit and as a guarantee of future development, on the principles of quality, as expressed in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards in their latest edition.

Our services

The main services provided by ANTEX Group are: permitting process, integrated and multidisciplinary engineering services, specialized and environmental studies, aerial photogrammetry and inspections with the help of sAPR (Drones), surveys and services for precision agriculture, precision topographic services and monitoring, 3D laser scanning, site management and safety, development and technical and legal assessments (Due Diligence).

Research and Development

ANTEX immediately adhered to the principles of the fourth industrial revolution, acquiring those digital and automation processes typical of the Italian program for Industry 4.0.

We operate in Italy and abroad

ANTEX Group is a company established to provide global consulting and management services to private companies and public bodies that intend to carry out works and investments on a national and international scale. It is made up of selected and qualified professionals united by common professional experience in engineering, technical, environmental, management, legal and facilitated finance consulting.

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